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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweater Weather, well...kinda.

Sweater: ShopExhale Skirt: Ladylaydee Heels: BEBE

Hello lovelies,

Clearly something must be in the air since I'm blogging and its been nearly a year since I've done so (well, not quite a year but you get my drift)… I must apologize and explain… I am truly in love with fashion and everything that comes with it but the truth is blogging about it isn't alway as easy and glamorous as it may look. It gets difficult when life takes over and priorities step in. 

Now back to the 'something must be in the air' well I wasn't kidding about that! This fall weather has definitely stirred up the fact that fashion blogging should be a priority in my life because of the fact that my desire to continue with it is so strong and simply because I love how it pushes me to new levels every time I see the reactions (both negative and positive) from my readers, and I need to stand firm and 'JUST DO IT' so here I am committing to all of you that I am not perfect and I won't be here everyday but I will stick to a consistency in making sure fashion stays alive in my little world.

Bare with me ladies and gents! Bare with me….

Now that being said…..growing up a Miami girl and all my 'swather weather' look is a bit different from the average, you see this is really is a sweater weather look for me being that it is chilly enough for a light jacket in the morning but by noon you better be wearing shorts or a skirt because then you will DIE of the heat lol. Ahhh, Miami… you drive me crazy but I love you still….

That's all for now lovelies… what is your idea of sweater weather? Also, what do you think of bringing tribal print into winter? This tribal sweater is from its a real hipster looking sweater yet the soft pastel base (pink) color make it very girly. I just adore it!

Monday, May 20, 2013


The 90′s inspired overalls trend is growing fast. Do you remember wearing Overalls?!  There were long ones, short ones, skirt ones, colorful ones, corduroy ones. Sometimes we’d even leave one strap unbuckled for cool points. (I  know, these are memories best left forgotten.) With overalls flooding stores at every price point, will you be able to resist their cozy charm.
 Try wearing tanks and short sleeve shirts underneath and adding a blazer or leather jacket on top for a more layered funky look. Consider a thin printed sweater or button up for a more 90s inspired look. Piled on accessories look great with denim, so try stacking on several bangles or braided bracelets along with statement rings and bold earrings. Adding interesting accessories ensures your look will be fashion forward.  Take a look at the three fashionistas below for inspiration.

PS: Look for my OVERALL trend look coming soon.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Cap' it.

Cap: Gift

Simple, yes this look is extremely simple.. but I love it all the more. The cap trend is definitely my new favorite thing. Its effort-less, easy, a fun.  You can rock a simple sporty chic look anywhere from the mall to the beach. It’s versatile and makes you completely feel like a rock-star!

I pair this cap trend concept with a vintage denim vest and a cute summer dress to girlie up this more tomboy look.

What do you think of this ‘cap’ trend?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

White Bottoms

We’ve spotted one particular shoe trend for spring/summer 2013 that Hollywood can't seem to get enough of: white footwear, from egg-shell to ivory.
We all know black pumps are a wardrobe staple and go with practically everything – just ask Kate Middleton, who is a huge fan of the classic shoe – while nude heels were all the rage in Hollywood last summer, praised by fashionistas for their leg-lengthening look.
But why white?
It seems the 90s are back in a big way, and this particular shoe hue – which was often deemed"tacky" and "only for church" – is making a comeback, particularly when paired with the colour-blocking, geometric and neon trends of the season.

Monday, May 13, 2013

stripes x chambray

Chambray: Similar

A simple everyday look. You can never really go wrong with chambray in my personal opinion. With that, I decide to mix two trends, the chambray trend with the stripes trend.

What do you think?